Every day, consumers buy millions of products and have an expectation that these products are safe and reliable. If a product is defective, however, it can cause serious harm or damage to the user. Although products are generally required to meet certain safety standards and be evaluated before they can be sold, this is not always enough to keep harmful products off the shelves.

Defective products can be found in almost any consumer category. Prescription drugs and medical devices may come to mind first, as they can often cause serious harm or death and since the injury affects a large number of people, these stories end up in the news. Automobiles can also have serious problems, and every day it seems there is a new recall for a component part causing injuries to the driver and passengers. Household products used daily can also cause harm. Particularly sad are those cases that involve injures to children by defective toys or other baby and child products. Although these are only a few examples of common product defects, products in any category can potentially be dangerous and result in a products liability case.

Under the automotive products umbrella, defective tires cause serious injuries and death. The most common area of failing in tires is based on manufacturing defects. The tire tread can come apart from the interior structure; and, when this happens, the car may no longer be able to be driven properly, which can cause serious car accidents. Additionally, in warm climates like Texas, defective tires are even more prone to blow out or otherwise malfunction due to the heat of the asphalt on the roads.

When a product is determined to be harmful, many parties could be at fault. It could be a design flaw and thus the designer may be to blame. Alternatively, it might be the company that manufactured, assembled, installed, or ultimately sold the product. It is important to determine where in the process the problem occurred that made the product defective in order for the appropriate party or parties to be held accountable, and ultimately have the issue fixed so no one else is injured.

Matthews & Forester is skilled and experienced at helping clients who have been injured because something went wrong with a product. We understand each products liability case is unique and requires us to fully examine all that went wrong and who is to blame. The companies involved with every step of creating and selling a product are willing to fight hard to protect themselves, but we do not quit. We try to remove some of the mental burden from our clients who are trying to recover, and focus our attention on getting them the compensation they need for things like lost wages, medical bills, ongoing treatment and therapy, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

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