Motorcyclists know every ride comes with the potential for an accident. The speed and exposed nature of these vehicles, coupled with their smaller size than most other cars and trucks on the road, make them prone to not only being involved in motorcycle accidents, but also to serious injuries for the rider. Unlike a car where there are airbags and structure to keep a driver from being hurt, a motorcyclist can be easily thrown from their bike causing severe head and body injuries. While helmets and other protective gear can help, they don’t always prevent permanent damage to the rider.

When these fun rides do lead to grave accidents, motorcyclists can have a hard time navigating their new lives and trying to hold responsible parties accountable. Given the often serious injuries motorcyclists sustain, getting better is top priority, which can be difficult when having to fight with an insurance company or other responsible party to help recover lost wages, payment for medical treatments, and physical and mental therapy, among other things. Additionally, it is not always clear who is in fact at fault. While often times it is the other driver who caused the accident, either through not seeing the motorcycle or because they were not driving safely, it can also be attributed to other parties as well. If the car or truck involved was poorly designed or manufactured, that could have caused the driver to lose control and hit the motorcycle. Also, if the driver was driving for work, the driver’s employer might be responsible for the injuries they cause while driving a company vehicle and hitting a motorcycle. Road and areas not properly kept up could lay blame with the city or a property owner for causing a motorcycle crash.

Our attorneys at Matthews & Forester have worked extensively with victims of motorcycle accidents and take the time to understand the particulars of each case. We thoroughly investigate each situation to determine who should be held accountable and what sort of restitution is appropriate for our client. We know how severe injuries from a motorcycle accident can impact someone’s life, so we try to take the burden of navigating insurance claims and lawsuits away from our clients so they can focus on recovery.

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